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About Us

Green Consultancy Inc. is a Liberian company incorporated to do business in all areas of environmental consultancy. After years of war and unchecked exploitation of resources in Liberia and Africa, we realized there is a need to seriously protect our environment and strive to restore that which has been destroyed and abused.


“Turning Africa Green”


Our services deliver true, professional and long lasting value, understanding and appreciating the environmental and social standards our clients must meet with quality expertise, innovation and strong commitment.

To support sustainable development in the promotion and creation of sound environmental practice in every area of development


Five priorities reflect the fundamental values shared by our consulting team members:

      1.    Creation and innovation

       2.    Entrepreneurship

       3.    Excellence in client’s service

       4.    Consistency in our branding

       5. We strive for leadership in our discipline


Our Involvement

GreenCons is actively involved with rendering an array of services for institutions, companies and individuals in the area of environmental and socio impact assessment, environmental management planning, baseline study, risk assessment; in the area of agro enterprise development, mining, geology, forestry, general construction, survey, geotechnical matters, manufacturing and industries.

Partner Consultants

Local and international professional partners have sought partnership with GreenCons in conducting environmental and social impact assessment and meeting international standards and guidelines.. Among these companies are Earthtime, Longman Engineering, West Ingenierie Consultant, Coastal & Environmental Services, Dr. S. K. Yap(Lead Auditor): Scientific Certification System and Rosslan Yaacob, managing Director: Eclipse Green SDN BHD, among others. 

Team of experts in the field of Geology, mining, GIS, Civil engineer, Geo-technical etc, are occasional contracted to render services when needed.

Together we are able to deliver quality work on time.

        Presentation of Liberia Forest Re-assesment

                          EIA IN LIBERIA